Two sisters, two babies, two dogs, two countries... but ONE passion for creating beautiful and sustainable things that last ♥

MELLOW CONCEPT STORE was born out of dream about a space where all items are handmade with love, using only natural, quality materials.

mellow ○ pleasantly smooth or soft; free from harshness

The seed has been planted a long time ago but only when we both became mums the idea got enough love and time to grow into what you're seeing today (oh irony! time with newborns).

Fashion and interior design is where our hearts have always been and as such they are integral part of MELLOW CONCEPT STORE.

We create with passion for all that we love - our babies, homes, four legged friends and of course - ourselves! Because self love and care is so-so important ♥

We want to share this love and joy of creating handmade products with ♥ YOU 

Immerse yourself in our soft sheepskin items, smooth silk clothing and quality knits... and send the love further!

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